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12N Field Identifiers

The RLA is working with the ANSI MH10.8 to standardize field information related to the return, repair, refurbishing and recycling of products. The purpose of these codes is to facilitate the communication by manufacturers to consumers and front line logistics professionals. The information that follows describes the process for creating a SqrL code label.

The RLA is maintaining a dynamic listing of Field Identifiers as a data dictionary. Manufacturers choose which of these fields they wish to include in their labels. Manufacturers then populate the label with their selected information and produce the label. Suggestions for new fields to be added to our dictionary can be submitted through the form included at the bottom of the field listings.

FI Desc Format Details
B000 Manufacturer Name Alpha Name By Which The Company Is Branded
B001 Product Name Alpha Product Name
B002 Model Number Alpha Model Number
B003 Product Data Sheet Url Product Data Sheet- Specifications
B004 Date Of Manufacture Date Date Of Manufacture
B005 Product Serial Number Alpha-numeric Serial Number
M006 Product Configuration Alpha Configuration Of Specific Product Options As Shipp
U007 Product Support URL Click Here For Product Support
U008 Product Documentation URL Click Here For Product Documentation
U009 Phone Product Support Phone # Click Here To Dial Customer Support
W00A Warranty Terrms ULR Or Text Warranty Terms: Link To Warranty Agreement
W00B Length Of Warranty URL Or Numeric Length Of Warranty From Date Of Purchase
W00C Warranty Registration ULR Click Here To Register Your Warranty
W00D Extended Warranty URL Click Here For Information About Extended Warranti
P00E Pre-sales Support Chat Or Phone # Click Here To Chat With Pre-sales Support
P00F Manufacturer Web Site URL Manufacturers Web Site
P010 Accessories URL Accessories Products And Options
R011 Hazardous Materials: Consumer Version. Y/n Conatains Hazardous Materials? Y/N
R012 User Data? Y/n (If Yes Only) This Device Contains User Data.
R013 Disposal/Recycling Instructions URL How To Recycle.
R014 Flammable? Y/n (If Yes) This Product Is Flammable. Handle With Ca
R015 Types Of Plastic Alpha List Of Plastics
R016 Types Of Metals Alpha List Of Metals Used In Product
U017 Types Of Batteries Alpha Type Of Batteries
I018 Printer Cartridge Alpha Printer Cartridge Type
M019 Manufacturer Proprietary Encrypted Example: Place Of Manufacturer
M01A Manufacturer Proprietary Encrypted Example: Cost Of Goods
M01B Manufacturer Proprietary Encrypted Example: Country Of Destination
M01C Manufacturer Proprietary Encrypted Example: Supplier
M01D Manufacturer Proprietary Encrypted Example: Channel Destination
C01E RoHS A-N RoHs Compliance
C01F WEEE A-N WEEE Complaince:
C020 FCC Certification A-N FCC Certification Level
C021 FDA Certification Level A-N FDA Certification Level
C022 CE Certification A-N CE Certification
M023 Product UID For RFID Numeric RFID Identification
M024 UID Validation (for RFID) URL RFID Validation
R025 Earth911 URL Recycling Information
C026 EPEAT Level A-N EPEAT Level
C027 Energy Star Rating A-N Energy Star Rating
C028 Energy Consumption (CEA R7.8) A-n CEA Energy Consumption Data
G 029 UPC Code Numeric UPC Code
G02A GTIN Trade Item Number Numeric GTIN Trade Item Number
G 02B GTIN-8 Trade Item Number Numeric GTIN-8 Trade Item Number
G02C GTIN-12 Trade Item Number Numeric GTIN-12 Trade Item Number
G02D GTIN-13 Trade Item Number Numeric GTIN-13 Trade Item Number
G02E GTIN-14 Trade Item Number Numeric GTIN-14 Trade Item Number
G02F GLN Global Location Number Numeric GLN Global Location Number
G030 GSCC Logistics Units Numeric GSCC Logistics Units
G031 GSIN Grouping Of Logistics Units Numeric GSIN Grouping Of Logistics Units
G032 GINC Grouping Of Logistic Units Numeric GINC Grouping Of Logistic Units
G033 GIAI Individual Assets Numeric GIAI Individual Assets
G034 GRAI Returnable Assets Numeric GRAI Returnable Assets
G035 GSRN Service Relationships Numeric GSRN Service Relationships
G036 GDTI Document Types Numeric GDTI Document Types
G037 GCN Coupons Numeric GCN Coupons
G038 GPID Component And Parts Numeric GPID Component And Parts
S039 Ideal Storage Temp Range Degrees (F/C) To Degrees Upper And Lowest Storage Temperature
I03A Refurbished Product Serial Number A-N Refurbished Product Serial Number
I03B Stored Original Serial Number A-N Stored Original Serial Number
S03C Schedule B Xxx,xx,xxxx Export Classifications: Harmonized System
S03D HTS Xxxx.xx.xxxx Import Classifications Harmonized Tariff Schedule
S03E NMFC Xxxxxx.x Type Of Product Shipped By LTL Carrier
S03F Dangerous Products Alpha List Of Dangerous Products
S040 ECCN  nAnnn Export Control Classification Number
S041 Hazmat X.s Classes Of Hazardous Materials.
S042 Country Of Origin Aa Country Code Of Origin
S043 Sub-assembly Origins Aa,aa,... Country Code Of Origin For Subassemblies
S044 Country Of Manufacturer Aa Country Of Manufacture
S045 Value Xxxxxx,xx Value For Customs
S046 Currency Aa Currency Used In Value Field 44
S047 NAPCS Nnnnnn North American Product Classification System
M048 Top Assembly Form URL Packing Contents
M049 Items For Return URL List Of Required Return Items
M04A Product Image URL Product Image
S04B Max. Stack Height Feet/metric Maximum Height Of Carton Stacks
S04C Clamp Truckable? Yes/No Can Stacks Be Clamped To Move?
S04D Expiration Date Date Expiration Date
S04E Lot Code A-N Manufacturers Lot Code
C04F Image Of Certification Sticker Url Link To Image Of Certification Sticker
E050 Computer Industry Error Codes (generic) URL Link To Definitions Of Error Codes For Computers
D051 Diagnostic Event [Date][a-n][xx][ID] Date, List Of Error Codes, Disposition And Facilit
D052 Manufacturers Master Repair Record URL Aggregation Of Repair Events, More Detail
D053 Diagnostic Site ID Or URL Identification Of Diagnostic Site
D054 Repair Site A-N Identification Of Repair Site
I055 Refurbished Warranty Url Refurbished Warranty Terms
I056 Refurbished Product Registration Url Link To Register Product
M057 Manufacturer Legal Name Alpha Alternative Name To FI000
D058 Date Of Return Date Date Repaired Product Returned Or Disposed
D059 Disposition XX Disposition Of Returned Item
D05A Count Of Events N Total Number Of Return Events
E05B Printer Industry Error Codes URL Printer Industry Generic Error Codes
E05C Internet Of Things Error Codes URL Error Codes For Internet Of Things
I05D Remote Control Model A-N Remote Control Model TV's Etc.
I05E Remote Control Decoding Url Link To Remote Control Decoding Schema
D05F Repair Notes Date:Apha Details On Repair Event. Supplement
M060 Recall Status URL Link To Recall Notices From Manufacturer
F061 Ingredients URL Or Text Food Industry Field To Include Recipe(s) For Produ
F062 GMOs: Does This Product Contain GMOs? Y/N Food Industry Field To Declare Presence Of GMOs
F063 Allergins: Does This Product Contain Known Alergin Y/N List If Yes Food Industry Field For Consumers Re: Allergins
F064 Recipes: URL Food Industry Field To Link For Recipes
P065 Manufacturer's Tag Line URL Or A Marketing Tag Line For Company
P066 Product Coupons Or Promotions URL Link To Promotional Website
P067 Product Brochure Url Link To Full Product Brochure
P068 Product Marketing Video URL Link To Product Promotional Video
P069 Product Requirements URL Or Alpha Minimum Product Requirements
P06A Compatible Products URL Listing Of Compatible Products
C06B Product Certifications URL Or Alpha Listing Of Certifications
M06C MAC Address A-n Media Access Control Address
M06D Product Code A-n Manufacturers Unique Product Code
M06E Packaging ID A-n Manufactrurer's Unique Packing Identifier
M06F EAN Number A-n 13 Digit (12 Data And 1 Check) International Article Number
M070 Batch # A-n Manufavturer's Unique Batch Control Identifier
M071 Version # A-n Manufacturer's Unique Version Control Number
F072 Nutritional Values Alpha Food Label Content
D073 Reason For Returns Numeric Codes For Product Returns
D074 Location Of Return A-N Place By Name Or Code Where Product Was Returned
G075 MSDS Identification Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G076 MSDS Hazard(s) Identification Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G077 MSDS Composition/ Information On Ingredients Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G078 MSDS First-aid Measures Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G079 MSDS Fire-fighting Measures Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G07A MSDS Accidental Release Measures Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G07B MSDS Handling And Storage Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G07C MSDS Exposure Control/ Personal Protectione Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G07D MSDS Physical And Chemical Properties Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G07E MSDS Stability And Reactivity Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G07F MSDS Toxicological Information Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G080 MSDS Ecological Information Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G081 MSDS Disposal Considerations Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G082 MSDS Transport Information Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G083 MSDS Regulatory Information Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
G084 MSDS Other Information Alpha MSDS Data Sheet
U085 IoT Address A-N Addressable ID For Internet Of Things Device
U086 IoT Related URL URL Web Location For Information About Internet Of Thi
S087 Weight Package Numeric Weight Of Individual Package
S088 Weight Of Carton Numeric Weight On Shipping Carton
S089 Weight Pallet Numeric Weight Of Pallet
S08A Weight Container Numeric Weight Of Shipping Container
S08B Weight: Contents Numeric Weight Of Package Contents
U08C Dimensions: Package HXLXW Dimensions Of A Single Packaged Product
U08D Dimensions: Product H X L X W Dimensions Of Product Without Packaging
U08E Gamification URL Link To Game Or Entertainment Site
U08F Cancer Warning Alpha Cancer Warning Label
G090 CLEI CODE A-n As Assigned
M091 Globally Unique Serial Number: A-n E.g. UPC
M092 Receipt Date Mm/dd/yyyy US Dating Format
M093 International Dating Format Yyyy/mm/dd Alternative Dating Format
E094 Error Code A-n Proprietary Error Code
E095 SC Connector Failure: A-n Code For Failure
E096 Frame Relay Failure A-n Code For Failure
M097 Time Stamp HH:MM:SS 24 Hour Clock
W098 Date Of Product Registration Date Captured Date When Product Is Registered
W099 Date Of Purchase Date+ Image Caputured Date When Product Purchased With Scanned
F09A Inactive Ingredients URL Or Alpha List Of Inactive Ingredients
F09B Active Ingredients URL Or Alpha List Of Active Ingredients
F09C Alcohol Content Nn% % Alcohol (by Volume)
F09D Beer Bitterness Nn Bitterness Rating, (IBU) International Bitterness
F09E Heat Scale Nn,nnn,nnn Scoville Units
F09F Serving Size Nnnn.n Packaged Foods Serving Size
Z0A0 Notice: Location Of Reader Url Identification Of Appropriate Readers
U0A1 Counterfeit Detection Alpha Describes Features To ID Genuine Products
F0A2 Servings Per Package Nnnn.n Packaged Foods: Serviings Per Package
F0A3 Vegetarian? Y/n Vegetarian Producrt?
F0A4 Vegan Y/n Food Product: Vegan?
F0A5 Kosher? Y/n Food Product: Kosher
F0A6 Cage-Free? Y/n Animal Product: Cage Free?
F0A7 Free-range? Y/n Animal Product: Free-range?
F0A8 Contains RbGH Y/n Animal Product: Contains RbGH?
F0A9 Certified Organic? Y/n Product: Certified Organic?
F0AA Hallal? Y/n Product: Certified Hallal?
F0AB Gluten Free? Y/n Proudct: Gluten Free?
F0AC Contains Nut Products? Y/n Product: Product Contains Nut Products?
F0AD Calories Per Serving Nnn.n Calories Per Food Serving Portion
I0AE ISBN Xxx-xxxxxxxxxx International Standard Book Number
M0AF Plant # A-n Internal Manufacturing Plant ID
M0B0 Production Line # A-n Internal ID - Produiction Line
D0B1 Product Condition Code Visual Inspexction
D0B2 Missing Parts Code List Of Missing Parts
D0B3 Product Destination Code Logistics Destination Of Product
D0B4 Disposition Action Code Instructions For Destination Facility
R0B5 Schedule Piick Up URL Recycling Pick Up Link
S0B6 GHS Classification (Global Harmonized System) Alpha Physical, Health And Environmental Hazards
R0B7 UN Hazardous Materials ID Numeric UN Committee On Exports
S0B8 Controlled Substance Alpha Drugs, Explosures, Weapons. May Or Nort Be Hazard
D0B9 Reason For Channel Partner Return Code Reason For Channel Partner Return
Z0BA Date Label Created Date Date Of Label Creation
D0BB Diagnostic Tool Url Points To Tool Used
F0BC Sell By Date Date Last Date To Be Sold
F0BD Use By Date Lat Date Product Should Be Used
Z0BE Label Background Color HTML Color Code Determines Color Of Background Color For Fields
Z0BF Field Font Color HTML Color Code Determines Color Of Font Used In Each Filed
Z0C0 About SqrL Codes Www.rla.org/sqrl Web Address For Details About SqrL Codes
Z0C1 SqrL App Format Locator Text+URL If Label Does Not Display Correctly Click Here:
I0C2 Auto Service Mileage Numeric Mileage Recorded At Last Service
I0C3 Auto Services Performed Alpha Listing Of Services Performed
W0C4 RMA Authorization URL Request For Product Return Authorization
D0C5 Intallation Configuration A-N Wiring Configuration At Installation
G0C6 UPU 510 Numeric Worldwide Unique Parcel Identifier
G0C7 Gs1 SSCC Numeric Worldwide Unique Parcel Identifier
I0C8 Disaster Agency Proprietary Alpha For Disaster ID Cards
I0C9 Disaster Agency Proprietary Alpha For Disaster ID Cards
I0CA Disaster Agency Proprietary Alpha For Disaster ID Cards
I0CB Disaster Agency Proprietary Alpha For Disaster ID Cards
I0CC Disaster Agency Proprietary Alpha For Disaster ID Cards
U0CD Name Alpha Client Name, Nickname And Alias
U0CE Residence Address A-n Residence Address
U0CF Residence Phone Phone # Residence Phone
U0D0 Mobile Phone Phone # Clients Mobile Phone, Or Parent Mobile Phone
U0D1 Email Email Email Address Of Cliient
U0D2 Social Security Number (SSN) Numeric Encrypted Client Social Secuity Number
U0D3 Disaster ID Number A-n Assigned By Disaster Relief Agency
U0D4 Gender Alpha Self Defined
U0D5 Birthdate Date Date Of Birth
U0D6 Medical Alert Alpha Allergies, Diabets, Blood Thinner, Other
U0D7 Medications Alpha Listing Of Rquired Medications
U0D8 Emergency Contact 1 Name Alpha Name And Relationship
U0D9 Emergency Contact 1 Phone Phone # Best Number
U0DA Emergency Contact 2 Name Alpha Name And Relationship
U0DB Emergency Contact 2 Phone Phone # Best Number
U0DC Citizenship Alpha Country If NOT Permanent Resident
U0DD Temporary Location Alpha Current Location (needs To Be Updated With Move)
U0DE Family Members Alpha List Of People In Family Unit In Disaster Area
U0DF Name Of Father Alpha IF Client Is Minor, Name Of Father
U0E0 Name Of Mother Alpha IF Client Is Minor, Name Of Mother
U0E1 Phone Of Father Phone # IF Client Is Minor, Phone Of Father
U0E2 Phone Of Mother Phone # IF Client Is Minor, Phone Of Mother
U0E3 Spouse Name Alpha Spouuse Or Significant Other
U0E4 Spouse Phone Phone # Contact Phone Of Spouse Or Significant Other
U0E5 Drivers Liscense A-n Clients Drivers License
U0E6 Installaton Instructions Url Or Video Link How To Install The Device
U0E7 Asseembly Instructions URL Or Alpha Product Assembly Instructions
U0E8 Operational Instructions URL Or Alpha How To Use This Device/product
U0E9 Consumer Survey URL Link To Consumer Survey
I0EA Pharma: Contraindication URL Or Alpha Listing Medical Contraindications For Specific Med
M0EB WES Boot-strapping A-N Data For OCF On-boarding
U0EC Set-up Instructions URL Instructions To Set Up A Device
M0ED Public Key Alpha Numeric Public Key For Product Validation
U0EE Set-up Install URL Downloads Install Applicaiton
U0EF Compatibility Check URL/Web App Validates Product Compatibility: Offers Alternativ
U0F0 Spare Parts Url Pointer To Spare Parts Catalog
I0F1 Pole Height NN.N Height Of Utility Pole
I0F2 Pole: Tyoe Of Material Alpha Descrption Of Pole Composition
I0F3 Pole: Year Installed Year Utility Pole Installation Date
I0F4 Utility Pole Life Expectancy Date Expected Date Of Decommission
I0F5 Route/Line # A-N Utility Pole Identifiers
I0F6 Utility Pole Switch # A-N ID Of Switch Connected To Utiloity Pole
I0F7 Pole Inventory A-N List Of Modules Installed On Utility Pole
I0F8 Communications: IMEI A-N ID Code Used In Cellular Phone Systems
I0F9 POS: Restriction Field A-N Code Used By POS Systems To ID Products
B0FA Product Color A-N Color Of Product
K0FD OBADA:Blockchain API URL Or A-N OBADA:Blockchain API
K0FE OBADA: Registrar API URL Or A-N OBADA: Registrar API
K100 OBADA:Metadata AAPI URL Or A-N OBADA:Metadata AAPI
K101 OBADA: Blockchain # URL Or A-N OBADA: Blockchain #
K102 OBADA:Blockchain User ID URL Or A-N OBADA:Blockchain User ID
K103 OBADA:Blockchain Signature URL Or A-N OBADA:Blockchain Signature
K104 OBADA:Metadata URL URL Or A-N OBADA:Metadata URL
E105 Mobile Phone Error Codes URL Standard Error Codes For Cell Phone Repair
Z106 ZLBL A-N Label Identifier

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