RL Quote

RL Quote

OEM quote process

OEM Quote Process

Using RL Quote is simply a better way to outsource your Reverse Logistics Services.

RL Quote is one of the most powerful outsourcing tools in the world for Reverse Logistics Services.

Remember, outsourcing service providers using RL Quote is free for OEMs who are members of our Association. There are no gotchas or transaction fees. And there is no software to buy or maintain.

It's secure, confidential and free to our members. Yes - your company will be kept anonymous to allow you to focus on your business instead of receiving hundreds of phone calls from salespeople!

Stop Searching. Start Outsourcing.

We invite you to give us a call at +1 801-331-8949 or email us at rlquote@rltinc.com.

For those who would like to enter into mutual non-disclosure, our NDA is available for this purpose and use during the RFI process