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Labeling Standard: Smart QR Code for Reverse Logistics

What They Are

The RLA Standards Committee has established a new label that is designed to be printed directly onto products in order to expedite Reverse Logistics & Logistics processes for Supply Chain, Returns, Repair, Refurbishing and Recycling. It is created to provide additional information to logistics professionals, consumers, field service personnel and recyclers. It is to be placed directly on the product so that the information is always available and for scanning via a standard cell phone.

Shown below are technical documents for the "SQRL" format, Field Identifier and related articles.

This standard is published for use under the 12N Data Identifier by the ANSI MH10.8.2 Committee

  • Articles
    • Edition 86 Using SQRL Codes in Disasters
    • Edition 85 Reducing Food Waste with SQRL Codes
    • Edition 84 SQRL Code Applications and Templates
    • Edition 83 How the Food Industry is Contributing to Reverse Logistics
    • Edition 81 SqrL Code Progress: Use Models
    • Edition 80 The Uses and Market for SQRL codes
    • Edition 79 Using SQRL codes to bring the power of Big Data to Reverse Logistics
    • Edition 78 Eurosoft computer diagnostics first to support RLA Label Standards Project
    • Edition 77 SqrL Codes Now Part of ANSI Standards
    • Edition 76 RLA Label Standards to Become an ISO Standard
    • Edition 75 Digital Toe Tags: Using sQRrl code to increase the efficiency of computer repair and refurbishing
    • Jacobsen0615e CRACKING THE QR CODE
    • Edition73 sQRrl Codes Released and Evolving
    • Edition73 Labeling Standards. RLA Members Welcome the New "sQRrl" codes
    • Edition71 A New Standard Labeling Protocol for Reverse Logistics
    • Edition58 Reverse Logistics: Product Life Cycle Management